Born the 7th of January 1898, Albert Allick Bowlly was a Mozambican-born British vocalist and guitarist. He spent his youth in Africa, before setting sail for Europe. Bowlly proved to be popular in Germany, producing songs like “Bei Mir Bist du Schoen”. The next year, he moved to London.

Despite the great depression, Bowlly continued to work between 1929 and 1933. By the latter year, he had already recorded 500 songs. Bowlly continued recording songs, though a medical condition impeded his singing.

Al Bowlly died on April 16th 1941 – the previous night, Bowlly had been offered a room at the Rex Cinema which he had declined. Bowlly took the last train home to his flat at 32 Duke Street, St James, London. At 3am the subsequent morning, a Luftwaffe parachute mine detonated outside his flat, blowing his door off its hinges and fatally wounded Bowlly.

About this website

An overview of AlBowlly.org

Who made this website?

This website was made by Andrei-Alin Popa, the person currently writing this paragrpah. Andrei-Alin is quite a mouthfull though, so people just call me Andrei.

Why did you create AlBowlly.org?

Al Bowlly was a musician I discovered a few years ago. I don’t remember how I came about him, but I do remember falling in love with his music. I noticed Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong had websites, so why not Al as well?

What is there on this website?

A relatively appealing look at Al Bowlly and his career. You can find his songs, a look through his life, and a small store showing niche items relating to Bowlly.

Are there any other websites like this?

“Remember me… Remember me… Just keep me in your memory!

- Al Bowlly